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José Andrés
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July 15

Andrés begins his pilgrimage in Astorga, about 185 miles northwest of Madrid in the province of León. "One day the cecina of Léon will be as famous as Ibérico ham," he tweets. "Especially that of José Gordon." (Cecina de León is sort of like ham made from beef, in this case the hind legs, salted, smoked, and air-cured. Gordon is the chef–owner of Bodega Asador El Capricho in the town of Jimenez de Jamuz, about 20 miles from Astorga, a restaurant famous for its beef dishes.) Andrés earns the first stamp in his passport at the Hotel Casa de Tepa in Astorga. He also encounters excellent bread at a shop called Cuatro Caminos, and notes that today is the 10th anniversary of his cutting-edge minibar restaurant back home in Washington, D.C.