Brazil, September 7 from How 10 Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence (Slideshow)

How 10 Other Countries Celebrate Their Independence (Slideshow)


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Brazil, September 7

If you visit Brazil for the Olympics this year (August 5-21) and don’t feel like wrapping after the games are through, why not hang around for another couple weeks to celebrate the country’s independence? September 7, 1822 was the original day, which means this year marks Brazil’s 194th as a free nation. And since Brazil’s independence from Portugal was relatively bloodless, with little to no combat involved, the celebration is especial jovial. The annual celebration takes places at the Ministries Esplanade with a military parade attended by over 30,000 people — including the president of Brazil — and ends with a firework display. Similar parades and events take place in all the state capitals, and the large representation of Brazilians around the world also means festivities in places like New York City (which can attract over a million spectators), San DiegoLos AngelesToronto, and London, among others.

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