Area 51 from 8 Day Trips from Las Vegas (Slideshow)

8 Day Trips from Las Vegas (Slideshow)

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Area 51

Interested in aliens? Curious about military technology? A staunch conspiracy theorist? Consider a trip to the infamous Area 51. No, this isn’t a trick to get you to drive aimlessly around the desert all day; the existence and location of Area 51 was finally declassified by the CIA in July 2013. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can actually visit Area 51 itself or get within sight of it, but there are a few related attractions somewhat nearby. The Area 51 Travel Center is only 80 minutes (88 miles) from Las Vegas, and offers plenty of souvenirs, corny photo ops, and even an alien-themed legal brothel (owned by Dennis Hof of the famous Bunny Ranch). The town of Rachel, Nevada, (2.5 hours, 150 miles from Vegas) is the absolute closest you can get to Area 51 — and you might spot some warning signs on the town’s border regarding the base. Sure, this isn’t exactly an eventful trip, but it should be enough to satisfy alien-obsessed tourists.

PLEASE NOTE: The security around Area 51 should not be taken lightly. The base is still a 100-percent restricted area, with no trespassing or photography allowed. Guards have a license to use deadly force to protect and defend the location. Use extreme caution in the surrounding areas.