Indian Food in London from 13 Cuisines Surprisingly Far From Home

13 Cuisines Surprisingly Far From Home

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Indian Food in London

The popularity of Indian food in London might best be illustrated by the British song "Vindaloo," the unofficial anthem of the 1998 World Cup that refers to a spicy Indian curry dish. Indians make up the largest population of immigrants in London. Besides the popular Brick Lane neighborhood in east London, head to Southall, the most authentic Little India, just outside of London’s city center.

Where to eat: Browse the spice markets of Southall’s Broadway, such as Dokal and Sons, then stop into Rita’s Samosa Center for their namesake dish. Back in London proper, try dosas (rice and lentil crepes) at Dosa 'n Chutney, or swing over to Zaika, one of London’s first Indian restaurants to receive a Michelin star.