#10 Galactic Grill from The 10 Best Restaurants at Disneyland Park (Slideshow)

The 10 Best Restaurants at Disneyland Park (Slideshow)

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#10 Galactic Grill

When it comes to burger and sandwich options, the restaurants as Disneyland Park, to be perfectly honest, are fairly interchangeable as far as the food goes. With that in mind, if burgers are what you crave, head to Galactic Grill for two reasons. First, it was recently revamped, so you probably haven’t tried it yet. And second, it’s Star Wars-themed! Though the food quality is nothing to telepathically transmit messages home about, geeks and nerds alike should nevertheless be entertained by the décor and presentation. Plus, if you’re going to order a burger or sandwich, wouldn’t you rather be asking for a “First Order Specialty Burger,” “Jedi Order Chicken Sandwich,” “Cheese-3PO Burger,” or “Wicket’s Wicked Veggie Salad”? And it’s not just the names that are creative, the First Order comes with an Angus beef patty with chorizo, cherry peppers, and spicy-lime aïoli on a dark bun, and the Jedi comes topped with crispy green beans, picked red onions, watercress, and wasabi mayo. Prices are average for the fare (about $12 each), unless you opt for fries in a “Han Solo Carbonite Bucket,” which will bring the meal up to $22.