10. Ample Hills from 10 Best Hot Chocolates in NYC

10 Best Hot Chocolates in NYC

Ample Hills Creamery
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10. Ample Hills

“I too lived -- Brooklyn of ample hills was mine.” Walt Whitman’s poetry is the inspiration behind the name of this Prospect Heights ice cream parlor, which serves equally creamy hot chocolate. What started as a break from writing science fiction novels for founder Brian Smith, who sold his first ice cream from a cart at summer concerts in Prospect Park, has churned into the bustling Ample Hills Creamery that is expanding with additional locations in Brooklyn. While Ample Hills loses a few points for having the hot chocolate pre-made, which sometimes leads to an uneven consistency, the result is mostly a rich, dark hot chocolate beverage that would have you believe it was made just for you. Bonus points are given for the homemade vanilla bean marshmallow gracing the surface of this beautiful hot chocolate.