10. Norway from 10 Best Christmas Markets in Europe Slideshow

10 Best Christmas Markets in Europe Slideshow

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10. Norway

Oslo hosts many Christmas markets, which range from traditional markets selling handicrafts and offering horse sleigh rides to those selling local designer clothes, jewelry, and glassware. Three of the biggest markets are the Christmas Fair at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Christmas market at Spikersuppa, and the Christmas fair at Bærums Verk. Treats to try include aquavit (a potato-based spirit flavored with herbs such as caraway seeds, anise, dill, fennel, and coriander), gløgg (the Norwegian version of mulled wine has a syrupy mixture as opposed to an herbal blend with dried almonds and raisins), juleøl (a thicker lager with spices), and julebrus (a non-alcoholic red or gold carbonated drink).