Thirst-Quenching Foods that Hydrate for Summer

What foods to eat to stay hydrated all summer long

On a hot day, you know that a bottle of water is a must to stay healthy and hydrated. But eating certain foods can also help fight thirst while replenishing your body with vitamins and minerals. And make sure you know the warning signs of dehydration: dry mouth, decreased urination, sleepiness, headaches, and dizziness. To ward off dehydration, bring one of these snacks to the beach or enjoy a fruit or vegetable salad for lunch, then avoid the foods below that can dry you up.

Strawberries: These in-season fruits are 91 percent water and contain folate and vitamin C.

Oranges: At 87 percent water content, oranges are hydrating and full of healthy vitamin C.

Iceberg lettuce: This lettuce is made up of 96 percent water, but it’s lacking in the nutrient department. Try mixing it up with darker green lettuces like romaine and spinach for an interesting, varied salad that packs plenty of vitamins.

Cooked squash: Work squash into a yummy dinner stir-fry to gain the hydrating benefits of this 94 percent water vegetable.

Ice cream: Any food full of simple sugars, such as ice cream and candy bars, dehydrates the body because of the amount of water the body uses to break down those sugars. So if you’re strolling down the boardwalk with an ice cream cone, make sure you have your water bottle with you, too.

Nuts: A Planters mix might not be the best beach snack. Peanuts are only 2 percent water, and they contain protein, which has been found to dehydrate the body.

Alcohol: You probably know this one. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate more frequently, which can lead to dehydration. To keep thirst at bay, and potentially avoid a nasty hangover, drink one glass of water after every alcoholic drink you have in an evening.

— Nancy Ryerson, HellaWella


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Do stay hydrated but do fill your bottle from a tap ,- it is free as you know. Quit being ripped off by companies who sometime fill the bottles they sell you from a tap. Besides, millions and millions of these plastic things are destroying the environment.

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