10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways

A sampling of some of the globe’s coziest, most exotic, and seductive culinary rendezvous
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L'Hotel, Paris

Courtesy of Amy Murrell/L'Hotel

Here is a list of the most romantic restaurants and hotels around the world.

Romance is a thing of the past, and I mean that literally. The original definition of the word described the characteristics of a certain type of literature — fiction — involving knights in shining armor, damsels in distress, and other tokens of a time entombed. The appeal of romance is quixotic, then, in our endless attempts at re-awakening a fairy-tale world where windmills were really giants and Valentine’s Day was actually (and only) about love, rather than heart-shaped chocolate boxes, plastic red roses, and ubiquitous pink Hallmark cards with lines too saccharine even for Katherine Heigl movies.  

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But with Valentine’s Day mere weeks ahead of us, here is a list of the most romantic restaurants and hotels around the world, where efforts at romance would be less futile and more, well, successful. Some may be cliché, some are exotic, but all of them have a great human quality that turns cheesy and forced "romance" into its real and lasting counterpart. Everyone defines and enjoys their own kind of romance, of course  one couple’s nights spent with takeout and their favorite TV shows may beat another’s five-course dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

This list was created with a wide parameters, but if you have your own contentions and/or suggestions, we could all benefit from them. Because if you really get down to the details of it, traveling and eating can be among the least romantic activities we engage in, so we need all the help we can get. Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy!

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