Row 1

2626 Colorado Blvd (Sierra Villa Dr)
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 258-1355
Big Box Store, Shop
Mon–Sat: 8:00 AM–Midnight Sun: 8:00 AM–11:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Yo Dawg, I heard you like screaming babies so I put 100 screaming babies in this Target for you to like.
  • Free wifi. It works all the way into the parking lot.
  • Men's Restroom downstairs is always MUCH cleaner and in better condition than the upstairs one.
  • They have a Starbucks in here!!
  • They just updated this Target, added a grocery section upstairs.
  • Don't buy Blu ray movies here if the movie just came out they hardly ever have it on the first week. Because they know you'll pay full price when it's not on sale.
  • This Target sucks. It's crowded at almost all hours of the day and they are often out of things I'm there to buy. It happens so often I've come to expect it whenever I go there.
  • get a hot dog, popcorn & soda while shopping
  • Target will price match a deal you find on the Internet - just bring the product to guest services.
  • I feel that this target is always a mess and dirty. Not too fond of coming to this branch.
  • The upstairs check-out line is always shorter than downstairs.
  • Drink Starbucks coffee while you shop
  • Love how big the store is, love that there is always parking. However, I have a hard time finding things on the dual-levels. Seems tougher to organize a shopping list when you have an escalator.
  • Great weekly Sales. Quick and convenient grocery section.
  • Now open until midnight (11pm on Sundays).
  • Treat yourself with your favorite beverage at Starbucks. It'll make your shopping trip a whole lot better! =D
  • Four square works better here than in the mall
  • Tampons are super cheap here
  • Happy fathers Days Are cool
  • Avoid this place during the weekend..unless of course you enjoy shopping cart obstacle courses and being run into repeatedly by the clueless.