Carbonated Sugary Drinks May Cause Strokes in Women

The newest study proves a connection between strokes and fizzy drinks

Even just one fizzy, sugary drink per day may be enough to dramatically increase your risk of stroke, ladies — by about 80 percent. 

That's what the newest research from Osaka University says, reports the Daily Mail. Researchers tracked more than 40,000 men and women over an 18-year period, and 2,000 of the participants had a stroke. They closely examined the drinking habits of those who had a stroke, and compared them to those who did not. The research claims that daily consumption of fizzy drinks may up the chances of a blood clot on the brain, which causes an ischaemic stroke, by about 80 percent. 

What's interesting is that men in the study did not have the same results; it was the women who drank fizzy drinks that had an increased risk of stroke. But previous U.S. research shows that sugary drink consumption can up the risk factor of stroke for both men and women. 

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HuffmanFamilyof4's picture

JUST BECAUSE 2000 PEOPLE out of 40,000 have a stroke does not make it the fault of the soft drink. that would be like saying 2000 people out of 40,000 people would die after having sex. that's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER READ

HuffmanFamilyof4's picture

I couldn't have said it any better if I had said it myself. oh wait, I did. kudos to myself for bringing up a good point.

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