Stuffed Will Leave You Full

New cookbook features recipes for stuffing everything
Staff Writer

Dan Whalen

From burgers to olives, Dan Whalen's book provides volumes of stuffed recipes.

One of the particular comfort food joys in life must be biting into something only to discover a delicious stuffing on the inside. Whether it is a jelly filled donut or a stuffed burger, there are few things that rival such little, perfect surprises.

Stuffed, the new cookbook by founder Dan Whalen, features the very best of stuffed food recipes. From a recipe for Stuffed Mac and Cheese Burgers to cherry pie stuffed inside of chocolate cake, Stuffed explores fun and creative ways to stuff a wide variety of foods. How about a Mac and Cheese Stuffed Chile Relleno Recipe?

There's really no limit to the kinds of delicious meals you can craft within a delicious meal! Whalen's new cookbook provides a comprehensive slate of delicious recipes that you may have heard of, and some of which may be new to you, such as this Harissa Lamb Stuffed Eggplant Recipe.

Whalen may get flack for his crazy food innovations, but most of us are thanking him for it.

"I will never know how I became the mad scientist of comfort food," Whalen writes. "But when you stuff a full-size cheeseburger into ravioli and serve it on a bun, people start calling you names."

As far as name calling goes, we're going to stick to calling Whalen a genius.

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