Sipping Pretty: Torresella Prosecco

From, by Wanda Mann
Sipping Pretty: Torresella Prosecco

Torresella Prosecco
Extra dry and extra delicious, Torresella Prosecco NV DOC ($16) received a rare thumbs up from a very picky friend who constantly proclaims that she isn't a huge fan of the famous sparkling wine from Italy's Veneto region. Her biggest Prosecco complaint is that she often finds it too sweet and lacking in complexity. I agree that mass-produced Prosecco can leave much to be desired, but in the right hands Prosecco is a really charming wine with an unpretentious elegance. Torresella is a truly delightful Prosecco that balances the subtle sweetness (pear, melon, green apple) of the Glera grape with great minerality. Fine bubbles and a lingering finish make Torresella the perfect sip when you want bubbles without breaking the bank.

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