Sichuan Dry-Fried String Bean Recipe


Cal/Serving: 131
Daily Value: 7%
Servings: 4

Sugar-Conscious, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Milk-Free, Peanut-Free, Tree-Nut-Free
Vitamin A940IU19%
Vitamin C16mg27%
Thiamin (B1)0mg32%
Riboflavin (B2)0mg14%
Niacin (B3)3mg15%
Vitamin B60mg20%
Folic Acid (B9)40µg10%
Vitamin B120µg4%
Vitamin D0µg0%
Vitamin E1mg3%
Vitamin K16µg21%
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated2g0%
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated1g0%
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Sichuan Dry-Fried String Bean
Yi @

String beans are loved by many people because they are healthy and delicious.  Like all legumes string beans are rich in protein and fiber and low in fat. String beans can be prepared in many different ways but for me there is no better string bean dish than the popular Sichuan dish called Dry-Fried String Beans.

Known for its great flavor and outstanding texture, Dry-Fried String Beans is arguably one of most well known Chinese string bean dishes served in virtually every Chinese restaurants ranging from takeout joints to high end places.

Traditionally, the string beans are first deep fried to seal the natural flavor. Then they are cooked using a special technique called dry-frying – a frying technical that involves high heat, and little to no liquid. The technique is the key behind that famous slightly crunch outside but soft inside texture.

Follow this recipe to create your own authentic Dry-Fried String Beans.



  • 1 pound Fresh String Beans
  • 6 ounces Minced Pork or Beef
  • 2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Cooking wine
  • 2 tablespoons Chinese preserved vegetables, Chopped
  • 1 tablespoon Garlic, sliced or minced
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Chili
  • 1 tablespoon Dried Shrimp (optional)


Prepare and rinse the string beans.
Start to prepare the string beans by trimming off both ends. Cut beans into 2- to 3-inch lengths. Rinse well and drain string beans in a colander.
Heat up about 2 cups of oil in wok or frying skillet. Fry the string beans over medium heat. Stir occasional to prevent from sticking. Fry for about 5 minutes or when the skin turns wrinkly.
For a healthier version, immediately rinse the beans under running water to remove excess oil.  Drain well in a colander.
Heat up 1 tbsp of oil and add garlic, Chinese preserved vegetables, and dried shrimp. Dry fry for 2 minutes or until fragrant.  Add minced pork or beef and mix well. Add thedried shrimp (optional). Keep on turning the pork so it doesn’t stick to the cookware.
Add the chili and cooking wine once the color of pork turns lighter.  Once the pork starts to turn brown, turn the heat to high and add the string beans. Make sure your wok is hot enough to evaporate any liquid released from the ingredients. Add soy sauce while keep the string beans turning.  Quickly stir a few times to mix well the soy sauce then turn off the heat. The string bean shouldn’t be stir-fried for more than 4 minutes

Recipe Details

Servings: 4
Total time: 20 minutes
Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan

Notes and Substitutions:

For a completely vegetarian version, replace the meat with shiitake mushroom!

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