Shake Shack New Haven

986 Chapel St
New Haven CT 06510
(203) 747-8483
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Slowly, Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is changing the landscape of the burger world. It started in Madison Square Park in 2001, with a hot dog cart created by Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy's first art installation. Fans of the cart lined up for three summers until USHG won the bid to open a permanent park kiosk. Then the real fun (and lines) started. The "roadside burger joint" started serving incredibly juicy burgers on potato rolls and rich, thick, creamy custards with mix-ins (concretes), and the best Chicago-style hot dog outside the Windy City. It took until 2007 for the Shack to stay open through winter, but it's since become a New York institution — and spread beyond its borders, immediately ranking among those locales best burgers. Menu additions, mash-ups, and location-specific items have followed at newly launched Shacks in New York, Connecticut, Florida, D.C., Philadelphia, the Middle East, and now London. Location specific items at the New Haven Shake Shack include The Handsome Dog and Boola Boola Blue, Skull & Cones, and Elm City Coffee Break concretes. — Arthur Bovino, 11/20/2012

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Foursquare Tips
Chris Winn
First Shake Shack experience!
Adrian Gonzalez
Shack Burger
Lisa Carter
Just as good as the NYC locations, but with more options to sit and eat.
Paul Singer
Obviously the burgers and great
Stephanie Fidis
Don't get the fresh cut fries. It's not the same.
Rob Vose
The shroom burger is an awesome choice for vegetarians or anybody looking to stray away processed meat. Pay attention to that "CAUTION HOT" sign though, the cheese inside the mushrooms is molten
Adrian Gonzalez
The burgers are great, well done, and definitely a great choice. The meat is all-natural and much better for you as there are no hormones nor antibiotics in the meat. I wouldn't complain. Great place!
Annabel Tan
The east coast's in 'n' out.
Brittany Sanchez
Best burgers to eat in town! Grass fed beef and delish crisp veggies to top you r burger! Make sure to accompany your meal with their amazing shakes!
Ada Palma
SOO D-Lish!!
Joseph J Love
Damn these fries are good
Karin Needler
So this place is expensive, the pattys are super salty, the fries suck, and the other customers suck harder. Wendy's tastes better and you'll get twice the food.
Rachael Marie
Great burgers, but expensive shakes!!! And very small too, but they are yummy!! Also, avoid the iced tea/lemonade half and half thing. That one wasn't worth it!
Katie Pfeifer
Try the smoke shack burger!!! Best burger I've ever had!
Jeremy Fredeen
This place is choking on Maclarens.
Matt S.
Great service, delicious food and free Wi-Fi. Expensive if you compare it to McD's - but then again you shouldn't.
AnnMarie Tornabene
Food was pretty good but they got the order wrong. The irony of that was the 15 plus employees that were standing around with their arms crossed doing nothing at all. Expensive too!
Marty McCabe
Awesomely clean bathroom, too! 5/5
Greg Waters
Opening day woo hoo! Get the SmokeShack burger. Delish!
Get a burger and vanilla shake. Then explore the hundreds of surrounding venues in New Haven, which has blossomed into the Northeast's best mid-sized city.
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