U.K. Restaurant Accidentally Serves Alcohol to 10-Year-Old

A Manchester restaurant served a Sex on the Beach to a child


A Manchester restaurant accidentally served cocktails to 10-year-olds, then blamed the mother for being out of the restaurant when it happened.

A Manchester restaurant that accidentally served cocktails to a pair of 10-year-olds recently has reportedly made the situation even worse by blaming the mix-up on the mother.

According to The Mirror, Ashley Dodds said she ordered a pair of non-alcoholic cocktails from a Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester for her 10-year-old daughter and a friend. The cocktails were reportedly the “Safe Sex on the Beach” cocktails, which are non-alcoholic versions of a Sex on the Beach cocktail, which are listed on the restaurant’s list of non-alcoholic cocktails. After the girls finished their first drinks, Dodds said she decided to step outside for a cigarette, and she ordered two more of the Safe Sex on the Beach drinks for the girls.

While Dodds was out of the restaurant, there was a mix-up at the bar and the girls were served actual Sex on the Beach cocktails with vodka.

“When I came back up my daughter just blurted out saying 'mum, I've had alcohol,'" Dodds said.

While the restaurant said the mix-up had happened and the 10-year-olds were served alcohol, a spokesperson called out Dodds for having left the two 10-year-olds unattended.

We did serve something wrong, however putting it into context the issue was the lady went outside for a cigarette and left the children unattended. We were quite bothered by that as it's quite unusual to leave two small children out of sight,” a spokesperson for Red Hot World Buffet told The Mirror. "This was an accident and there was some confusion with the order, but there is a responsibility for parents to stay with their children."

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