Polish Lokshi Stove Rags Recipe

  • 1 Cup  cold mashed potatoes( use left-over mashed potatoes or mash hot boiled. Add cream ,butter, salt as you normally would.
  •   Add 2 tbsp. sugar & cool.
  • 1 Cup  flour
  • 1/4 Teaspoon  salt
This was an awesome sight for me when I was a little girl. I watched my Baba make these. What amazed me was to see her place the dough right onto the hot (coal stove as we called them) and fry these odd- looking things that reminded you of stove rags. Kind of a bland taste to a child but so neat to find this recipe that was lost for so long. I couldn't resist sharing this with you & hope it brings back memories for you also. From Byzantine Fathers recipe book 1993. This was one of our family recipes passed down & lost. I thought she poured a batter onto the stovetop so I will continue to look & see if I can find a different one. I personally didn't make them because I couldn't find the recipe but do want to. Fun to show the kids!!!

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Cooking Time: 
5 minutes
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