Half-Moon Christmas Cookies Recipe

Half-Moon Christmas Cookies Recipe
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Half-Moon Christmas Cookies

Tracey Mumford

Half-Moon Christmas Cookies

These easy-to-make Christmas cookies are a must for any holiday get-together. Or better yet, leave these for Santa with a glass of warm milk and you might just get a little extra something under the tree.

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For the frosting

In a bowl, whip together the Crisco and Dream Whip. Mix in the remaining ingredients and beat for 5 minutes with an electric mixer on medium speed.  Add some food coloring to make them festive for the holidays.

For the cookies

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl, cream the butter, sugar, and eggs together. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and cocoa powder. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, then add the milk and vanilla extract. Mix until all lumps are gone. 

Grease a cookie sheet with butter, and spoon the dough (about 1 teaspoon per cookie) onto the sheet, leaving enough space between them for them to spread during baking. Place in the oven and bake for 7-10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool before frosting. Serve.


Calories per serving:

913 kcal

Daily value:



  • Carbohydrate, by difference 135 g
  • Protein 14 g
  • Total lipid (fat) 44 g
  • Vitamin A, IU 134 IU
  • Vitamin A, RAE 29 µg
  • Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid 1 mg
  • Vitamin D 24 IU
  • Alcohol, ethyl 1 g
  • Ash 3 g
  • Calcium, Ca 143 mg
  • Carotene, beta 2 µg
  • Cholesterol 3 mg
  • Choline, total 5 mg
  • Fatty acids, total monounsaturated 8 g
  • Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated 12 g
  • Fatty acids, total saturated 11 g
  • Fatty acids, total trans 1 g
  • Fiber, total dietary 20 g
  • Folate, DFE 10 µg
  • Folate, food 55 µg
  • Folate, total 59 µg
  • Folic acid 4 µg
  • Iron, Fe 10 mg
  • Magnesium, Mg 33 mg
  • Niacin 2 mg
  • Phosphorus, P 288 mg
  • Potassium, K 203 mg
  • Retinol 28 µg
  • Selenium, Se 17 µg
  • Sodium, Na 800 mg
  • Starch 29 g
  • Sucrose 15 g
  • Sugars, total 20 g
  • Theobromine 8 mg
  • Vitamin D (D2 + D3) 1 µg
  • Water 59 g
  • Zinc, Zn 1 mg
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