Cider, Spice, and Everything Nice Tea Cocktail

Cider, Spice, and Everything Nice Tea Cocktail
Staff Writer

Courtesy of Boston Harbor Hotel

The Cider, Spice, and Everything Nice cocktail (pictured on right).

This chilled, Orleans aperitif is a dry cider-apple wine infused with basil and anise hyssop, from Vermont. Together with cinnamon spice tea, bourbon, housemade apple cinnamon simple syrup, and whiskey barrel-aged bitters, this cocktail (pictured on right) truly embraces the flavors of the season. Click here for more "tea-tails" for winter.


Fill a shaker with all ingredients. Fill shaker with ice and shake. Slice an apple and place slices firmly against the inside of a highball glass, leaving some space between each slice through which to view the contents of the cocktail (pattern look like the spots of a giraffe). Carefully fill highball 7/8 full of fresh ice and strain the cocktail into the glass slowly.