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Taco Bell News: New DLT Launch, and One Kid’s Prom Surprise

Remember all the students who asked their dates to prom with Taco Bell? Taco Bell was so pleased with the dedication of one student, Jeremy Swanson, who asked his date to “Live más with... read more

New from Alton Brown: A Daring Way to Open Champagne

New from Alton Brown: A Daring Way to Open Champagne
Although he prefaces the tutorial with a lengthy warning not to try this at home (“since we live in the age of the litigator”), this week’s episode of Cook Smart is dedicated to the... read more

Daily Digestive: Brian Boitano

Daily Digestive: Brian Boitano
By time you read this diary, Brian Boitano will be already in Sochi, preparing for his role as part of the official U.S. presidential delegation for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Brian is... read more

Daily Digestive: Marc Murphy

Marc Murphy has made a name for himself on the culinary stage with his acclaimed restaurants (including Landmarc and Ditch Plains), as well as his ongoing role as judge on the Food Network show... read more

13 Worst Food Tattoos Ever

Tattoos are beautiful, personalized works of art to be admired and worn with pride. In a perfect world, the tattoo artist and his or her blank canvas share the same vision: to merge skin and ink,... read more

Daily Digestive: Dorie Greenspan

There’s hope for us all. Despite being a James Beard Award-winner (twice!) for her numerous best-selling cookbooks, a popular food blogger, one of the first chefs to launch their own cooking... read more

7 Tips for Picnicking on the Beach in the Florida Keys

Some places are lucky enough to enjoy summer all year long, and even luckier to be surrounded by wind, surf, and sand. With an warm average temperature and miles of beaches, it’s easy to see... read more