Rainbo Club

Row 1

1150 N Damen Ave (at W Division St)
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 489-5999

Foursquare Tips

  • Rainbo is in Wicker Park and during prohibition it was a speakeasy. One of the best bars in America.
  • The hipsters here make Williamsburg look like L.L. Bean
  • Al Capone hung out here. gangsta!
  • Couples in the photo booth, dog on the floor, tamale guy at the door,LPs spinning, the night's just beginning. -FS
  • In the film "High Fidelity" (2000), Rob (John Cusack) has an interesting proposal for his ex-girlfriend Laura (Iben Hjejle) in scenes shot at the Rainbo Club.
  • Cheap drinks, dirty bathrooms, cash only.
  • Somehow, this Ukrainian Village dive has managed to remain an underground favorite. The local artists and musicians who frequent it hold on to terra firma with cheap drink in hand.
  • The Rainbo Club, located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, attracts hipsters, indie-rockers, and others looking for cheap beers in a no-frills setting.
  • $4 shots of Jameson. Thank you!
  • John Haggerty of the legendary Chicago Punk band "Naked Raygun" tends bar here.
  • This place is terrifying. All the irony is stifling. The plaid makes me dizzy. My boobs are way better than all others.
  • Supposedly not a gay bar.
  • Someone told me this is a place where middle-aged men come to hit on cute hipster girls. It is, and they wear camo shorts.
  • Al capone didn't hang out here! He owned the place. It was called The Damen Club. And it had gambling. Ah.. The old days
  • Cheap mix drinks
  • Some say hipster dive...others say bohemian hideaway. We say pure awesome! Always a great scene at Rainbo
  • This isn't a dive bar. It's a dive!
  • Great dive bar and the photo booth is fun! Plus cheap drinks!
  • This is NYC's version of 7B. If you are from out of town perfect place to crank some Old Style's
  • Order a cheap beer: $2.00 PBR Drafts, $3.00 Old Style Tallboy Cans.