The Queen of Local Cuisine—Meet Chef Ana

From, by Institute of Culinary Education
The Queen of Local Cuisine—Meet Chef Ana


Among the many chefs reigning over ICE’s teaching kitchens, Chef Ana Sporer is known for wearing her passion on her sleeve. With a personality as bold as her fiery hair, Ana has a unique way of motivating students to bring their A-game, whether in perfecting their knife skills…or their Halloween costumes. 

Chef Ana Sporer Halloween Culinary School

When she’s not in the kitchens at ICE, you can be assured Ana is outdoors—gardening or foraging on the property of her restaurant in upstate New York. There, the ever-changing menu draws inspiration from Ana’s own backyard—including a 7,000 square foot garden, an apiary for bees and woodlands rich with ramps and other foraged ingredients. “I’m so glad to see that other chefs are starting to grow things themselves. From a flavor perspective, if it was picked two weeks ago, who cares if it’s organic? The proximity to the plate makes the greatest difference.”

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