Product Review: Sheila G's Brownie Brittle

Crispy, delicious ready-to-eat brownie edges

The edges of a pan of brownies are considered by many to be the best part, but not everyone can get an "edge" piece every time. Sheila G, a brownie hero of sorts, recognized this fact, and did something about it — something wonderful.

Sheila’s concoction, Brownie Brittle, tastes just like those crispy brownie edges, but better. Other pluses: they’re reassuringly low in calories, you don’t have to wait for them to cool (let alone bake anything at all), and they come in four equally fantastic flavors. Once we cracked a bag of these open, they vanished in record time. Brownie Brittle definitely gives the ooey-gooey center of the pan a run for its money.

Each variety features light, crisp shards of chocolaty deliciousness — just substantial enough to satisfy a routine chocolate craving, but without that weighed-down, rich feeling of a normal brownie. 

While the Chocolate Chip flavor comes with a bit of added moisture and richness thanks to the ample chips scattered throughout, the Toffee Crunch flavor is insanely addictive and tastes like a Heath Bar. Nut fans will love the Walnut flavor, too. Your best bet is probably to order the three-pack Brownie Brittle Sampler — not only are you sure to plow through a bag and be ravenous for another; you’ll want to experience every flavor.

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