Polka Dot Bakeshop

1730 East Woodlawn Road, Suite H
Charlotte NC 28209
(704) 523-5001

The pride and joy of Charlotte, North Carolina, Polka Dot Bakeshop is an award-winning certified kosher bakery. Fortunately for your taste buds, they pour their hearts into creating a delectable menu for each day of the week. Each week's menu is also appropriately themed, such as All American Week for the election, or Autumn Delights. The Daily Meal's seasonal sweet of choice? The Cranberry Orange, a vanilla bean cupcake with cranberries baked in, topped with fresh orange zest buttercream. Their cupcakes are beautifully designed, though the Popsicle stick in the caramel apple cupcake might be taking things a little too far. — Marilyn He, 11/8/2012

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