Please Get This Colin 'Kaepernicking' Cake for the Super Bowl

Specifically, it's a Colin Kaepernick flexed bicep cake
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Kaepernicking Cake


Just like Tebowing became a huge thing around the Super Bowl last year, "Kaepernicking" is now all over the Web, including in cake form.

Grub Street brought to light this genius Super Bowl cake from Village Baking Company, a pastry rendition of San Francisco's 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's signature flexed bicep, tattoos and all. While Kaepernick's touchdown pose is just kissing his flexed bicep, the cake only includes the bicep, the shoulder, and the incredible tattoos.

49ers fans looking to get this cake for Super Bowl Sunday might want to rush their orders; Village Baking Company owner Joanne Ramos tells us there are only three or four cakes left. One of these beauties goes for $170 in chocolate cake, white cake, or marble, and they've already sold 10 (while two cakes will be donated to charity).

Of course, we're not sure whether this will be possible if Kaepernick succeeds in his bid to trademark "Kaepernicking," but let's be honest: kissing your bicep isn't new. It's been on our Facebook feeds since forever.


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