From Paris to San Francisco, Starting a New Food Business While Starting Over

From Paris to San Francisco, Starting a New Food Business While Starting Over

In January 2013, I quit my job and moved to Paris to pursue an MBA and to follow a dream.  I was in love with this far away city and the culture, and I knew that I wanted to have the experience of living there at least once in my life.  I spent the next 18 months taking classes and eating my way through France.  It was one of the best experiences of my life and it taught me an important lesson: no dream is too big to chase.

Now I am following a new dream.  I recently moved back to San Francisco and am attempting to open my own company.  Food and cooking are my passion and what I do what I am not working.  I wanted to find a way to combine that passion with my business experience, and to be able to realize my own creative vision.  This is how Saffron + Kumquats was born.

Saffron + Kumquats is a foodie sample box for cooking.  For $20/month, customers receive 5 samples of ingredients and 5 recipes to use those ingredients.  One month might be Middle Eastern food and another might be Thai.  My goal is to make cooking and trying new ingredients, easy and fun.

I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise the funds.  The campaign ends on June 30th and hopefully Saffron + Kumquats will be on its way to becoming a reality.  Regardless of what happens, I have no regrets.  I have done everything I can to follow my dreams and make them happen and this feels really good.

What are your foodie dreams?  Have you ever chased a big dream?

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