5 Teas to Cure Your Cold

A new tea 'cold kit' has every tea for every sniffly nose, sore throat, and upset stomach

We know, we know: there's no escaping this flu and cold season. And when immunity-boosting foods don't work, only lots and lots of fluids can cure your common cold and flu. 

While we've been over what drinks you should drink when you have a cold or the flu, we've discovered the ultimate cold-fighting, flu-fighting box of teas that will whip you back into shape. The DAVIDsTea Cold Survival Kit includes: 

Super Ginger organic tea, a blend of ginger, green rooibos, pink peppercorns, and black and white pepper for upset stomachs

Cold 911 organic tea, a peppermint tea blended with eucalyptus (a common ingredient in "sleepy time" teas), orange peel, and juniper berries

Northern African Mint tea, an organic Japanese-style Hojicha green tea made with peppermint (obviously), cardamom, ginger, licorice root, fennel clove, and black pepper

Secret Weapon tea, a white tea combined with goji berries (for all the superfood benefits you can get), plus licorice root, orange peel, almond, and cocoa nibs

Bravissimo caffeine-free tea, a blend of licorice, chamomile, rosehip, orange peel, goji berries, and peppermint (perfect for sore throats)

You can find the Cold Survival Kit at DAVIDsTeas for $19.50, or at one of the DAVIDsTeas boutiques. 



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