NYC Sweets for the Style Set—ICE Alum Melanie Moss

From, by Institute of Culinary Education
NYC Sweets for the Style Set—ICE Alum Melanie Moss

As the pastry chef behind jewelry-inspired bakery Mini Melanie, ICE Culinary Arts alum Melanie Moss serves up some of the most stylish treats in NYC. But before she was catering the city’s most chic parties and designing cakes that are almost too pretty to eat, Melanie trained in some of the country’s most famous restaurant kitchens. We checked in with this innovative alum to learn about the training that prepared her for a dynamic career as a culinary entrepreneur.

mel5What was it that attracted you to ICE?
I had zero restaurant experience, and the beautiful, sprawling kitchens at ICE—filled with excellent equipment—seemed like the boot camp I needed to prepare myself for restaurant life. I fell in love with the library, too, as I’ll always be a bookworm! I spent hours looking through the stacks of old Gourmet magazines and ICE’s beautiful cookbook collection. It seemed like the perfect spot to learn and grow right in New York City.

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