Recycled Sweat Becomes Drinking Water

Sweat changed to drinking water
Engineers in Sweden are leading the exploration in recycling human bodily fluids and turning them back into liquids to drink — yes, really.  A new machine takes sweat from your... read more

Water Sommeliers the Next Big Trend?

Water Sommeliers | New Trend | Water Menus
In addition to feeling completely clueless when looking through a wine list (see here for help), we can now wonder what the difference is between water in Germany and water from France. LA Times... read more

Jamba Juice Begins Marketing Campaign For Kids’ Menu

Although it’s already common to see the bright Jamba Juice advertisements on public transportation or online, you may soon be seeing more of them, as the company tries a new angle to appeal to... read more

Shaq’s Soda Criticized For Health Factors

Shaquille O'Neal
Former basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal is receiving backlash for his new soda line. At 90 calories per serving, the three-serving cans of Soda Shaq Cream Soda contain 270 calories, and 72... read more

Investor Urges Pepsi Co To Drop Beverage Unit, Buy Up Oreos

Everyone has their favorite unlikely food pairing. For some it’s chips and ice cream, for others it’s ranch dressing and pizza, but a new food pairing, Oreos and Pepsi, may just be a... read more

Drinking Water Might Just Make You Smarter

Drink Water for Brain Power
In case you're suffering from severe writer's block, as we are, here's a handy tip to wake that brain up: drink water. The benefits of drinking water are well known, but a new study... read more

Water Makes You Smarter

Water Improves Cognition
A new study by the University of East London School of Psychology suggests that water boosts mental performance, specifically reaction times. The 34 adults who participated in the latest study were... read more

Maple Water Hits Market, Raises Eyebrows

Coconut water may have just met its match in a sweet beverage from the Great White North. Maple water, a drink made from the raw sap from sugar maple trees, has debuted in Quebec and British Columbia... read more