Children Who Drink Sugary Drinks Daily More Likely To Be Obese, Study Says

While studies have come out about the dangers of adults drinking sugary drinks, a new study has shown that sugary drinks can put a toll on the body no matter what age. A study conducted by the... read more

Drinking Bottled Water Making Us All Old and Wrinkly

Water Bottles Cause Wrinkles
Dear readers, let it be known that we've officially sworn of water bottles for fear that we'll actually look our age (the horrors!). "Health experts" are reportedly saying that... read more

Energy Drink Industry Defends Itself in the Senate

Energy Drinks Defended
Rising concern over the caffeine in energy drinks has been taken into account by not only the American Medical Assocation, who last month called for a ban on selling caffeine-laden drinks to children... read more

Prevent Cavities By Washing Your Cereal Down With Milk

Drink Milk After Eating Sugary Cereal
It’s no secret that sugary cereals aren’t the best for oral hygiene, but researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry may have found a way to prevent the... read more

Once Again, Soda Ban Struck Down by Courts

It’s official: Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to ban large, sugary drinks from sale in New York City has been declared “an illegal overreach of power,” according to the latest... read more

MindTheTap Brings Free Drinking Water to London

MindTheTap brings in free drinking water
The idea that nothing is free in London is disproved with GiveMeTap’s rebooted campaign, MindTheTap. Commuters and tourists alike will be able to stay hydrated with ease this summer thanks to... read more

Jamba Juice And Quaker Oats Begin Partnership

Now you’ll never have to choose between a smoothie and Oatmeal again, with a new pairing in the works. Beginning at the end of July, Jamba Juice will begin a partnership with Quaker Oats,... read more

Houston Doctor Performs Energy Drink 'Self-Test'

Energy Drink Self-Test
On the coattails of a Missouri store’s decision to card minors in purchases of energy drinks comes another precaution. According to a report by a Houston-based news channel, University of... read more