Coca-Cola Collection For Sale

Coca-Cola Products
If you are a big fan of Coca-Cola, now is your chance to stock up on all kinds of Coca-Cola items. On July 12, a collection of Coca-Cola merchandise will be auctioned off in Paris, Illinois. The... read more

Does Pepsi Contain Carcinogens?

Well, this certainly doesn't make us crave a Pepsi: new claims from an environmental group say that Pepsi products contain high levels of a known carcinogen.  The Associated Press reports... read more

'Natural' Energy Drinks Hit Shelves, Still Raise Concerns

While “clean energy” seems to be the trend in the environment right now, it’s also making its way into energy drinks. Energy drinks have been panned by critics for containing high... read more

Flavored Milk As Problematic As Sodas, Energy Drinks

Chocolate milk
As a child, you couldn’t leave the table without finishing your glass of milk. But, according to a Today Health report, a Harvard pediatrician’s study shows that sprucing up the plain ol... read more

The Guardian’s List of 'Dangerous' Additives

NaCl in your snacks?
Following Buzzfeed’s roundup of eight foods that are consumed in the United States, yet banned in other counties, the English publication, The Guardian created an ironic list of its own: six... read more

Cannabis Energy Drink On the Market

Cannabis Energy Drink
Firebox brings consumers a new energy drink with a name sure to be a “hit,” Cannabis Energy Drink. The company has paired the phrase, “Amsterdam’s coolest energy drink,... read more

UK Beverage Companies Join Sustainability Pledge

In order to be more committed to sustainability, several of the UK’s top soda providers have committed to lower carbon, lower impact methods of production. Coca-Cola Enterprises, PepsiCo, and... read more

Stevia-Sweetened 'Coca-Cola Life' Tested in Argentina

Coca-Cola has found a happy medium between its sugary Coke and unnaturally sweetened Diet Coke drinks. Last Wednesday, the soda giant announced plans to sell its first stevia-sweetened Coke product,... read more