Juice, Instead of Whole Fruits, Linked to Diabetes, and More News

Whole Fruits Diabetes Risk | Juicing Problems
Check out the headlines you may have missed. Restaurant Spends $2,000 on Halibut: A chef whipped out some $2,333 for a gigantic, 7-foot-long halibut. [Daily Mail] Next's New Menu: Grant Achatz... read more

How Your Juicing Habits Stack Up to Everyone Else's

Juice Habit Infographic | Juicing
Forty-nine percent of people juice two to eight times a month. The most popular flavor to add to green juice: apple, by a whopping 46 percent. Thanks to Beso, The Chalkboard, and Pressed Juicery... read more

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Coca-Cola

It's easy to jump on the "down with big soda" train, seeing as more and more evidence links Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and their thousands upon thousands of products with obesity, aggression,... read more

What to Drink When You're Sick

Judging by the headlines these days, it's not hard to be scared off by just about every drink in the supermarket aisle. Energy drinks might kill you. Soda might kill you. Heck, even our beloved... read more

Soda Makes Kids More Violent, Study Says

Have you been scared enough yet to finally put down that soda? If not, this news might be enough to convince the moms and dads out there: a new study from Columbia University has linked soda to... read more

Coca-Cola's New Plan: Defend Aspartame

Well, here's one way to try to boost sales: say that diet sodas are good for you. That's what Coca-Cola is trying out in a series of new advertisements, reports the Associated Press, in an... read more

Yes, You Can Make Your Own Almond Milk: Here's How

Now that the weekend's over (and we'd like to forget a certain gluttonous meal or two), it's time to get back to our healthy workweek patterns. And we can't think of a better way to... read more

Coke Versus Pepsi: Taste-Testing the Brands

It's weird, the loyalties we feel towards our soda. Some people swear by Diet Coke. Our company's CEO swears by Diet Pepsi. There are the friends who guffaw at a Pepsi can; and then friends... read more