Starbucks Announces Bonus Star Benefit for Packaged Coffee

Starbucks Rewards members will now be able to earn bonus Stars by purchasing any Starbucks packaged coffee, either through select retail suppliers or through the online Starbucks store. ... read more

14 Super Healthy Morning Smoothies

Super Healthy Morning Smoothies
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as the old adage goes. But these days, fitting in time during the week for a sit-down breakfast with all the necessary nutrients doesn... read more

Mountain Dew's Beloved Baja Blast May Be on Shelves Soon

Electric green beverage fans rejoice: the release of Baja Blast in a bottle might be official sometime in the near future.[related] If you’re thirsty for Baja Blast, the hard-to-find cult-... read more

LeBron Slam Dunks with New Limited-Edited Sprite Flavor

LeBron James may have caught a lot of heat for “The Decision,” but you can thank him for bringing the flavor with Sprite in creating the brand-new limited-edition Sprite 6 Mix flavor.... read more

Coming Soon: Smart Tags That Change Color When Food Goes Bad

You may never have to accidentally consume sour milk or chunky yogurt again. Scientists at Peking University in Beijing have developed and tested smart tags used to label food that will change colors... read more

Is Caramel Coloring Carcinogenic? FDA Tests Soft Drinks

Most soft drink companies won’t give away their secret recipes, but the one ingredient you will consistently see on the back of soda cans is caramel coloring. Now the U.S. Food & Drug... read more

Our Sugar Intake Should Be Cut in Half, Says WHO

With diabetes and heart problems on the rise, consumption of sugary foods and drinks is definitely a problem, both nationally and internationally. There are almost seven teaspoons of sugar in... read more

New York City’s 10 Best Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolate — it’s on most restaurant and café menus — but not all hot chocolates are created equal. The Daily Meal set out to find the best, real hot chocolate: thick,... read more