Where in the World Is the Cheapest Beer?

The GoEuro Beer Price Index measures the cheapest and most expensive cities in which to grab a beer
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You might be surprised to learn the location of the cheapest and most expensive beer.

Are you traveling the globe anytime soon? Do you find it impossible to resist a satisfying pint of beer? GoEuro has got you covered. The European travel website recently compared average beer prices in 75 major cities around the world, and compiled the data in a Beer Price Index chart. The cheapest beer on the list is in Krakow, Poland, where one beer goes for $1.66 on average. Meanwhile, the priciest brew can be found in Geneva, Switzerland, where average prices soar to $6.32 per beer.

The rest of the top 10 cheapest beers around the globe can be found in Kiev, Ukraine; Bratislava, Slovakia; Malaga, Spain; Delhi, India; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Mexico City, Mexico; Belgrade, Serbia; Asunción, Paraguay; and Bangkok, Thailand.

You’re probably itching to know how American beer shapes up. New York is the most expensive American place to grab a beer (surprise, surprise), with an average price of $5.20. But Los Angeles is one of the cheapest American cities for brews, with an average beer price of $3.24. Go figure.

The chart also determined which cities consume the most beer. On average, Bucharest, Romania, consumes the most beer: The average citizen quaffs 133 liters annually. In Cairo, meanwhile, the average person only swigs four liters per year. 

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