Beijing Restaurant Makes Customers Solve Complex Math Equations to Determine Prices

Equations listed where the prices should be
Chalkboard Math

Wikimedia Commons / Wallpoper / Public Domain

Dining out? You’re going to need your calculator at this Chinese restaurant.

And you thought you’d never use trigonometry in real life after math class.

A Beijing restaurant has put itself on the map after a photo of its menu went viral. Complex mathematical equations, many involving trigonometry, are listed where the prices should be, making customers work to determine the costs of their bills, detailed the Daily Mail.

If you forget your calculator or perhaps should have paid more attention in math class, don’t fret: a disclaimer at the bottom of the menu directs customers to simply ask the staff if they need help on working out the bill.

The food is reportedly worth the inconvenience and bad math class flashbacks. On the menu are traditional Chinese dishes and house specialties, including Enokitake mushrooms, tofu, winter melon, and asparagus.

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