McDonald’s is Trying to Make Your Lunch in 60 Seconds

McDonald’s is testing out the 60-second drive-through, by giving customers a timer and doling out free lunches if their meal is not made and delivered in 60 seconds or less

McDonald's China

Here's a speed-test being done in China: We think we’ll stick with our carefully-made Big Mac and fries.

McDonald's China

McDonald’s is looking to make fast food even faster with their new 60 second drive-through, being tested in South Florida. The test will give drive-through customers a minute-long hourglass, and will ask them to time their lunch preparation with it. If your McNuggets are not cooked and brought to you before the last drop of sand runs out, then you will get a free lunch upon your next visit to McDonald’s. This promotion will run at select McDonald’s locations from now until August 29 between noon and 1 p.m.

Currently, average wait times, according to QSR Magazine, for McDonald’s drive-throughs are around three minutes.

Be forewarned: that 60 seconds does not include waiting in line to get up to the window, and only starts after you’ve paid your cashier. Because people love convenience and free food, expect to actually wait in a drive-through line for quite a bit longer than one minute before you even get to experience the “McQuick.” 

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