Prepare Yourself for Marshmallow Peeps-Flavored Milk and Eggnog

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Prairie Farms has given us the gift of candy marshmallow-flavored chocolate milk, regular milk, and eggnog
Prepare Yourself for Marshmallow Peeps-Flavored Milk and Eggnog
Prairie Farms

Everyone under the age of 8 just jumped for joy, while their parents just got a toothache.

We have Easter baskets filled with giant chocolate bunnies, snot-flavored jelly beans, and orange Creamsicle Peeps. But you know what the world is really missing? Marshmallow-flavored milk.

Prairie Farms, well-known for their quirky milk varieties, just released Peeps-flavored milk, chocolate milk, and eggnog, just in time for the arrival of spring and Easter.

Prairie Farms is describing it as “The perfect blend of marshmallow flavor and real milk makes this cool and creamy drink a spring favorite.” As a reminder, the World Health Organization has warned us recently that we should be cutting our daily sugar intake in half. But the good news is that every glass of Easter Peeps eggnog contains five grams of protein.

Sadly, the Peeps milk is only available in midwestern states. So hop on over to Illinois or Indiana if you’re craving some marshmallow milk.

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