Fat and Furious Burger Takes Food Styling to New Heights

The graphic designers behind Fat and Furious Burger are constantly on the lookout for new ways to elevate the humble burger
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Fat and Furious Burger

Fat and Furious Burger Takes Food Styling to New Heights
Little is known about Quentin and Thomas, the French graphic designers who created Fat and Furious Burger, but the team has been steadily creating burger-centric photoshoots since 2012. 
Though they’re neither chefs nor food photographers, they certainly know how to create a compelling burger.
It all began when the designers decided to “spice up their lunch breaks,” and began adding more whimsical elements to their meals.
“It takes about an hour to find an idea, run to a supermarket to get everything, cook, shoot, and eat,” they told Metro.
Over the past two years, the team has drawn inspiration from beloved films (The Crabzilla Burger),
biblical imagery (The Divine Burger),
and classic literature (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Burger)
The Fat and Furious Burger team is on hiatus until September, but teamed up with MasterChef on Fox to design a Mystery Box Burger:
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