Former Utz Exec Admits to Committing Fraud

The former executive for the snack food company pled guilty to defrauding the company out of $1.4 million


Kevin Myers' future unfortunately lies behind bars.

A former executive of a popular Pennsylvania-based potato chip and snack food company admitted to committing a $1.4 million fraud against his own company.

Kevin Myers, 38, received $651,000 in kickbacks from Jonathan Haas, 45, of Haas Packaging and Design during a four-year period in which Myers was purchasing director.

Utz makes all sorts of snack foods, from pretzel sticks to potato chips. Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Utz has one of the top food factory tours in America.

Myers and Haas ran a two-man fraud for that four-year period. Haas would submit phony invoices for goods never delivered to Utz. Myers would then approve the payments on Utz’s side before receiving a kickback from Haas.

Haas has indicated through his attorney that he will also plead guilty, but challenges the amount of losses attributed to him.

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