Trump and Clinton Wines Go Head to Head

Who win(e)s out?
Trump and Clinton

Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Robb Report staff had its own election between Trump Winery’s 2015 chardonnay and Clinton Vineyard’s Victory White 2015 seyval blanc.

As America prepares to decide on its next president, the team at the Robb Report decided to pit the presidential candidates against each other on the most important issue: wine.

On one side was Trump Winery’s 2015 chardonnay, and on the other was Clinton Vineyard’s Victory White 2015 seyval blanc. It is important to note that though Trump Winery is owned by the Trump family, the Hudson Valley, New York-based Clinton Vineyards “has no official affiliation with Bill or Hillary Clinton,” Robb Report noted. The owner of the winery, Phyllis Feder, is a supporter and friend of the Clintons and regularly hosts fundraisers for Hillary’s campaign.

The seyval blanc received both praise and criticism; some appreciated its fruity notes, while others deemed it to be too sweet. On the chardonnay, some described it as “pleasant and crisp,” while others said it had a “steely” taste.

In the end, Clinton Vineyard won out by a slim margin.

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