Dave Arnold's Hand-Held Broiler and More News

In today's Media Mix, remembering John Egerton, plus is René Redzepi the food world's Kim Kardashian?
Dave Arnold's first product: the Searzall.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Fake Achatz Airport Restaurant: Depsite how amazing it would be to get Achatz's food in an airport, it's obviously not really happening. [Element Collective]

René Redzepi's Fame: Josh Ozersky points out that despite Redzepi's talent, not many people stateside have actually had his food. Which is to say, he's famous for being famous, which is what Kim Kardashian is famous for. [Esquire]

Restaurant Still Seats Non-Tipping Customer: Remember the customer who refused to tip a waitress because of her gay "lifestyle"? Well, it turns out the restaurant must continue seating the patron upon return. [Consumerist]

Dave Arnold's Blowtorch: The food scientist and Museum of Food and Drink founder has created the Searzall, a hand-held broiler/blowtorch. [Eater]

John T. Edge on John Egerton: The Southern food writer remembers John Egerton, who wrote about food, culture, and Southern history. [NY Times]

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