Cabernet, Pinot Noir Most Popular Red Wines

According to a new study, merlot is now the third most popular red wine out there
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What are the most popular wines to order while dining out?

Well, well, well. Merlot might just be losing its grip; a new study from Restaurant Sciences LLC has found that pinot noir has surpassed merlot when it comes to wine-by-the-glass sales in restaurants.

According to the study, cabernet sauvignon remains the top-selling red wine (making up 31.6 percent of red wine-by-glass sales), followed closely by pinot noir (19.9 percent), merlot (15.3 percent), and a red blend (8.8 percent).

As for whites, chardonnay remains the most popular (44.8 percent), followed by pinot grigio (23.2 percent), and sauvignon blanc (15.5 percent).

Malbecs, however, are reportedly having a moment, as diners are continuing to choose blended reds and malbecs, while red zinfandel is losing its steam. So malbec drinkers? You're no longer the mavericks. Go drink some tempranillo instead.

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