The Most Display-Worthy Halloween Costumes to Enjoy Long After October 31

The Most Display-Worthy Halloween Costumes to Enjoy Long After October 31

Alright—it’s almost time for Halloween which means chocolate hangovers, plastic spiders and kiddie renditions of the Monster Mash—or does it? We’re all for joining the kids for a little trick or treating, but when it comes to parties for the over-25 set, we’re hoping for something a little better than a naughty nurse outfit or another cheerleader getup. This is the night you can truly be anything you want to be—so why not put a little oomph into it? We understand not wanting to go toes-to-the-wall for a costume you’ll only wear one night a year, which is why we chose the most luxurious, display-worthy pieces for your ghoulish evening. Dress up as Elvis Presley, Darth Vader or a 17th century queen—then once the party is over put these theatrical costumes out for others to admire—whether it’s a storm trooper in the corner of your man cave or Aurora’s gown by the window of your walk-in closet.

luxury costumesPhoto Courtesy of Star Costumes

Darth Vader might not have been the hero of the Star Wars saga, but don’t they always say bad guys have more fun? Cast from the original Lucas Studios’ mold, the theatrical replica comes with mask and helmet, shoulder guards, twill cape, leather belt and chest plate with LED lights, quilted jumpsuit, shin guards, gloves, and gauntlets. A built-in voice module recreates Vader’s iconic breathing sounds so you can really emulate the Sith Lord. Unfortunately his red light saber is not included, but we’re betting you already have one of those.

Available at Star Costumes and priced at $1,100.

luxury costumesPhoto Courtesy of Luxury Costumes

He’ll always be the King of Rock, and this costume will literally be the king of your closet. For true Elvis Presley fans this ‘70s jumpsuit is one of his most iconic looks and would look great with the rest of your rock memorabilia. Modeled from Elvis’ Aloha From Hawaii performance, this costume comes fully studded with red-satin inserts and a wide, chain-adorned belt. The cape is not included, but is available for purchase so you can fulfill all your rock ‘n’ roll dreams.

Available at Luxury Costumes and priced at $1,600. Cape priced at $600.

luxury costumesPhotos Credit: Topher Adam / Model: Jamie Safran

There are a ton of Disney costumes on the market, but finding one of quality that could actually be suited for a princess is a little harder to find. But this Sleeping Beauty costume by BBeauty Designs is as luxurious as it gets, custom fit to your exact measurements and made to order. Brocade collar and sleeves with piped seams, a pink velvet bodice, satin skirt and brocade godet are included in this design and small additions can be made such as adding a lace-up back or zip closure. Personally we’d keep this one around for a Disney-themed wedding.

Available at Bbeauty79 and priced at $900.

luxury costumesPhoto Courtesy of Chicago Costumes

Confession time: I have wanted to be a storm trooper for years, but until now there was never a costume of high enough quality to warrant me taking on this shapeless androgynous form (not a sexy look.) But it seems like my luck has changed. This costume includes a black jumpsuit, chest, shoulder, bicep, shin, and back pieces, a codpiece, belt, gauntlet, and collector’s-edition helmet. After Halloween night, this is the perfect addition to your man cave.

Available at Chicago Costumes and priced at $1,000.

luxury costumesPhoto Credit: Nina Pak

For those that don’t have dreams of being a Star Wars character (though we can’t imagine why), this rococo gown is perfect for the most glamourous of Halloween bashes and masquerade balls. Inspired by a 1775 court dress seen in The Kyoto Costume Institute's book, Fashion: A History from the 18th and 19th Century, Rachel Kerby Couture offers the custom-fitted gown in a variety of fabrics and colors for every occasion. Designed as closely as possible to the original pieces, this dress has a blend of modern and period details including silk shantung, steel boning, petticoat and pocket panniers.

Available at Rachel Kerby Couture and priced at $4,186.