Row 1

10165 N McKinley Dr (Busch Gardens)
Tampa, FL 33612

Foursquare Tips

  • If you're crazy about coasters, Montu has your lucky number: 7. That's the number of insane inversions you'll do on this monster coaster - one of the tallest and longest inverted coasters in the world
  • Seven inversions. Reverse cobra. Excellent coaster.
  • Unlike a standard coaster, the cars hang below the track, and your feet dangle free. It's a sensation so close to flying you'll think you've grown wings. --Bert Kreischer, Bert the Conqueror
  • Go first thing in the morning or in the hour before the park closes for the shortest lines. Dont be discouraged if the line looks long, though. The coaster loads very quickly.
  • Who remembers the alligators??? :)
  • I miss the gators.
  • Try the front row. It's fricken awesome!!
  • One of the best coasters in the world! Hardly any wait!
  • Ride in the front, take off your shoes, and feel the breeze on your toes.
  • This coaster hits almost 4G's at its peak!
  • Easily the best inverted coaster. Still not better than kumba
  • Such a great coaster!!
  • Awesome, thrilling coaster
  • Don't wear a hat.
  • Hope this one doesn't go upside down!
  • Fazer looping por fora com as pernas voando uma sensao indescritivel
  • Put your hands up to get the most of the thrill!! Don't forget to wave to the gators!
  • Front row is worth the wit
  • Not worth the ride if you're not in front.
  • Favorite ride at Busch Gardens! Front Row is always worth the wait!