Missy Robbins Leaving A Voce

Tomorrow will be her last dinner service
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Missy Robbins Leaving A Voce | New York

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Looks like A Voce and A Voce Madison are hiring new executive chefs; Missy Robbins has announced she will leave both Italian restaurants Saturday, The New York Times reports.

"I made the decision a while ago," she told The Times. "But I have no definite plans. Nobody believes me, and I do have lots of ideas, but I’m not in a rush. I want to travel and work on a book."

Robbins joined the A Voce staff about five years ago when she became executive chef at A Voce Madison, soon taking on A Voce Columbus. The chef was previously working at Chicago favorite (and presidential favorite) Spiaggia as executive chef under Tony Mantuano.

Robbins has told The Times that working at A Voce "changed my focus and my career," and noted that since her decision, "there's no drama, [owner Marlon Abela] has been very supportive."

No word yet on who will replace Robbins, either temporarily after her departure Saturday, or permanently.

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