Media Mix: 'The Simpsons' Foodie Episode; Michael Bublé on Fishing; and Cheese Sculpting

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Recapping The Simpsons Food Episode: If you didn't watch Marge become a food blogger, here's a handy annotation of what happened. [Eater]

Why We Should Carve Cheese: NPR interviews Sarah Kaufmann, one of three professional cheese sculptors in the United States. On choosing cheese as her medium: "It's much more delightful than working with wood or stone. You can snack while you work." [NPR]

Michael Bublé Talks Food Lyrics and Fishing: Apparently the crooner used to work on a fishing boat, cooking chicken and kissing salmon lips for luck. Also, he hates beetroot. [Guardian]

Local Food Movement Grows: According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, locally grown foods will generate $7 billion in sales this year. [Washington Post]

Coffee Gets Upgraded: Slow Bar in California gets fancy with flights of coffee and "alternative milks — from macadamias, cashews, and Brazil nuts." There's talk of hops, malt, and ever-growing coffee prices. [GOOD]

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