Row 1

8590 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 739-1119

Foursquare Tips

  • The staff is very disorganized and is very slow during any semblance of a rush.
  • Go to another McDonalds. They suck.
  • I'm not sure if they are under new management or not but this place has gotten soooo much better!!!!
  • Check ur order b4 u leave
  • Avoid the late night drive thru. The workers are retarded.
  • Good, cheap food. Drive through service is kinda lame though. Not sure if the young man taking your order is stoned or has a handicap, but he is extremely slow and impolite. Inside service is great.
  • Fries big mac chicken nugget
  • Long wait but worth it
  • Big mac chicken biscuit
  • Best service in town
  • Racist people work there
  • No Styrofoam cup for sweet tea
  • Very poor quality food, I have never had a Big Mac that had absolutely no taste.
  • Don't come to this McDonalds. Orders are always wrong and food is always cold. Go to Southside McDonalds, they are so much better.
  • Basic math seems to be a problem here. If the cash register didn't calculate it, they can't make change correctly. Identifying coins and their values needs to become part of the hiring process.
  • The breakfast crew is excellent, they kno ur name and take great care of u!!
  • This is the best one a lot of the staff are family. Fast friendly
  • Late night 2:30ish is always slow and I think the jip me on change all the time. But it's 2:30 in the morning. WTF am I doing at McDonalds?
  • when you go to mcdonalds ... always get chicken nuggets and sprite .... oh nd get ice cream w/ fries
  • This place does not refill the ketchup dispenser and the urinal is flooded... How do you flood a urinal!?!?