Martha Stewart Producing Lifestyle Sitcom 'Tao of Martha'

It's about a girl who changes her life based on the 'teachings' of Martha Stewart
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Martha Stewart

Wikimedia/David Shankbone

Sure, Martha Stewart may have killed off Everyday Food, and her "omnimedia" corporation may not be looking too good, but it looks like an acting career might be up ahead for the lifestyle guru.

Deadline reports that Stewart, following a quick cameo on sitcom 2 Broke Girls, is now producing a lifestyle sitcom for Fox, titled Tao of Martha.

The premise seems very Martha-y; Deadline reports that the main character is a "highly disorganized, scattered former party girl," whose husband leaves her because of all those supposedly negative adjectives. She decides to change her life and become a role model for her daughter (plus write a book, obviously) by following the "teachings" of Martha Stewart.

As Vulture comments, "It is Julie and Julia meets The Mindy Project with sponsored crockpots, and Stewart will executive produce." Considering that it's so blatantly a coming-of-age story, plus the whole premise is so earnestly pro-Martha, we're hoping writer Austin Winsberg (Jake in Progress) will make the show more like The Mindy Project, which is self-deprecatingly funny, as opposed to Julie and Julia, which was just a lot of whining.

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