Market Strawberry Infused 'Perfect' Manhattan


For the Market Strawberry Infused 'Perfect' Manhattan

  • 2.5 Ounces  Jefferson's Small Batch Bourbon
  • 2 Dashes of Bitters
  • 1.5 Ounces  Strawberry Infused Dolin Vermouth (See recipe)

For the Strawberry Infused Dolin Vermouth

  • 1 Liter  Dolin Sweet
  • 1 Liter  Bllanc Vermouth
  • 6 Cups  fresh strawberries
  • 1 Liter  Dry Vermouth

We wanted to share a special summer drink recipe just created by Chef Marc Forgione (Iron Chef / owner of Restaurant Marc Forgione in Tribeca) and glassybaby to celebrate this already amazing strawberry season.  This Market Strawberry Infused ‘Perfect’ Manhattan was hand-crafted in the beautiful glassybaby “Single Malt Drinker” - 10% of all revenue from each glassybaby “drinker” goes to support Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals around the country.

Market Strawberry Infused 'Perfect' Manhattan
•         2.5 oz Jefferson's Small Batch Bourbon
•         1.5 oz Strawberry Infused Dolin Vermouth (See recipe)
•         2 Dashes of Bitters (preferably Brooklyn Hemispherical Strawberry)


For the Market Strawberry Infused 'Perfect' Manhattan

Stir mixture in a mixing glass with ice then strain over fresh 1"x 1" ice cubes in a rocks glass. Garnish with a skewered bourbon soaked cherry, strawberry segment and a lemon twist.

The keys to this cocktail are super fresh market strawberries and a nice smooth Bourbon.  Chef has said that this is already the best strawberry season he has ever seen.  This year, we are infusing the vermouth instead our normal main spirit infusion, thus creating a second delicious drink option.

For the Strawberry Infused Dolin Vermouth

We combine a bottle each of Dolin Sweet, Dry and Blanc Vermouth with 3 pints of market fresh strawberries and let them sit for at least a day. For smaller batches make sure to use equal parts of each vermouth. When complete the aroma of strawberry will over power that of the vermouth.  For a lighter libation the strawberry Vermouth is great on its own with a few ice cubes.

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