Kosher Options at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Yeah Thats Kosher offers tips for kosher dining in the Bahamas
Yeah Thats Kosher

While the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas does not have a kosher kitchen, it is offering a few options for its kosher consumers, albeit at insane prices:

Atlantis carries a limited number of Weberman's frozen kosher entrées for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Breakfast: $30 per item plus 15 percent gratuity = $34.50
  • Lunch/Dinner: $40 per item plus 15 percent gratuity = $46
  • Dessert: $10 per item plus 15 percent gratuity = $11.50

Guests may bring their own kosher meals. Contact Room Service seven days before your arrival. Guests must ensure that all food products arrive on property in a satisfactory condition. Food must be fully cooked in disposable trays, double-wrapped in foil. Food must be clearly labeled by day and meal period (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Raw food requiring preparation and cooking will not be accepted.

The following service fees are what Atlantis charges just to heat up your food!

  • In Suites: $15 per item warming fee plus room service charge & 15 percent gratuity = $17.25+
  • In Gourmet Restaurants: $35 per item warming fee plus 15 percent gratuity = $40.25
  • In Specialty Restaurants: $15 per item warming fee plus 15 percent gratuity = $17.25

Regardless, you must contact Room Service prior to arrival at 242-363-3000 with your full dining details and special needs. Kosher meals are not included with Atlantis dining plans.

Unsure if this makes visiting Atlantis more enticing or more of a turnoff, but at least they are attempting to accomodate kosher observant guests. Whether you can afford it or are willing to pay their insane fees is another story.

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