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Kitchen Fantasies: High-End Grilling Equipment Slideshow

Williams Sonoma
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Memphis Pro Wood Pellet Grill

Reduce outdoor equipment clutter with this all-in-one tool: It’s a grill, smoker, wood-fired and convection oven. The one-touch Intelligent Temperature Control system maintains your desired grill temperature, but this tool can also be used to set your ideal smoking temperature for cooking ribs, briskets, and roasts. Oh, and don’t worry, the machine checks the grill temperature every two seconds (yes, every two seconds) and adds more pellets to the hopper as needed so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And with the digital probe thermometer that measures the internal temperature of the meat, once you set your desired internal temperature for the meat or food, you won’t run the risk of overcooking your dinner if you forget to come back because once it reaches that desired temperature, the grill automatically reduces the temperature to the lowest setting.