James Beard Book, Broadcast, & Journalism Winners, and More News

In today's Media Mix, how many parents multitask while driving. Plus, how photographing your food could help world hunger
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James Beard Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Winners

James Beard Foundation

James Beard Foundation

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James Beard Winners: Here is the complete list of James Beard winners for the Book, Broadcast, and Journalism awards. [James Beard Foundation]

Nick Kokonas on Food Critic Fight: Grant Achatz's right-hand man contests the protestations of Esquire's food critic John Mariani, who Achatz accused of taking a pricey custom-made winelist from the Alinea dining room. [Eater]

Food Porn for Good: You can be the annoying person (guilty-as-charged) taking pictures of your food to Instagram the bejeesus out of it, but you can also be the socially aware person who donates money to fight hunger for every 100 calories you eat. [Mashable]

Food Plus Driving: A new study found that 90 percent of parents multitask while driving, oftentimes feeding their child or feeding themselves. [LiveScience]

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