An Interview with Matt Bonney on Toronado Seattle

An Interview with Matt Bonney on Toronado Seattle
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Matt Bonney is a well known publican and important figure in Seattle, Washington's craft beer scene as well as the man behind the upcoming Seattle outpost of Toronado. Known for his penchant for cigars, heavy metal and extremely rare barrel-aged and sour brews he built his reputation by literally helping to build the Brouwer's Cafe and Bottleworks bottle shops that are integral in the cities beer culture. More recently he helped start The Burgundian in the further out Tangletown neighborhood of Seattle before heading out on his own. Recently news broke that Matt Bonney would be opening up the 3rd chapter of Toronado, considered one of the most important and best beer bars in the country it was founded in 1987 in San Francisco by Dave Keene. It has since spawned a much younger but also beloved San Diego location.
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